Dr. Bruce Weiner

drbruceDr. Bruce Weiner (Dr. Bruce) graduated from Tufts University, one of the most prestigious veterinary schools, in June of 2000 and moved to Florida to start his new career. After working for several local area veterinary practices, he decided that he wanted to create a practice that reflected his personal philosophies regarding patient care and business ethics. From this dream was borne Dr. Bruce’s Animal Hospital.

Before becoming a veterinarian, Dr. Bruce was an engineer specializing in laser physics and high tech optical systems. He had previously worked with many different types of lasers and satellite systems utilizing state of the art equipment.

Dr. Bruce currently lives in Davie with his wife Pam (who runs Dachshund Rescue South Florida) and his daughter Iyanna, a graduate of FAU. They share their home with 7 dogs and several cats, as well as various foster dogs and 3 horses.
Dr. Bruce’s other daughter; Lydia is married to Chris and has two twin boys that are the smartest little boys ever and a younger sister that is always smiling. Dr. Bruce is very proud to be a grandfather!



Hi! My name is Amy.

I have been a vet tech for 12+ years and absolutely love working with animals. I feel so lucky to go to a job every day where I not only make a difference for the pets, but also the pet owners. I have always known that showing compassion to both the pet and the pet owner is of utmost importance. I understand that, like my own pets, client’s pets are the most important pets in the world and I strive to be sure that clients know that I understand that.

I have lived in Florida my entire life and currently live with my two son, Bradley and Elliot not only do I love working with animals, but I also have a few of my own: 2 dogs, 2 cats and a bird named Ted.

I have always loved animals and love working at Dr. Bruce’s Animal Hospital because Dr. Bruce is a great vet and he has an amazing staff.


Hi! My name is Melinda and I am a Veterinary Technician at Dr. Bruce’s Animal Hospital.

I was born in San Diego, California and moved to Florida over 8 years ago.

I am currently an undergraduate student in my junior year at Nova Southeastern University, working towards my major in Biology. I have two dogs, Ella is a 6-year-old Border collie mix, Lillie is a 2-year-old Cattle Dog mix, and I have four chickens.
I have always had a passion for animals. I earned my vet assistant certification over 4 years ago, while going through the four-year vet program at West Broward High School. I began volunteering at Dr. Bruce’s in January 2016, eventually became as a vet assistant, and am now proud to be a veterinary technician.

I have always cared deeply for animals and working at Dr. Bruce’s Animal Hospital is like working with family. In addition, the continuous knowledge and experience I gain is invaluable on my journey to veterinary school.


My name is Haille
I was born and raised here in South Florida. I currently go to Broward College where I am studying nursing.

I’ve been working at Dr. Bruce’s Animal hospital for a little over two years. I began as a volunteer and was offered a kennel position.

I’ve always loved animals and I couldn’t be happier working with them. I like to know that everyday I’m making a difference in these animals lives. I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge working at the clinic, and it is the main reasons why I love working here.

I have a dog named Teddy, he’s a Shih Tzu mix and I have a few fish.


Hi! I am Maria.

I am a Veterinary Assistant/Kennel at Dr. Bruce’s Animal Hospital.

I moved from Ecuador to New Jersey more than 10 years ago. From New Jersey I relocated to Pembroke Pines and have been there about 5 years. All my family is still in Ecuador so luckily I have my wonderful pets. My 13-year-old parakeet, Violeta, and my wonderful Rottweiler, Zuso, who is 12.

I chose a profession in animal health services because I am working studying and working towards my degree in biology and have always be interested in learning more about the animal health care profession.
I love working at Dr. Bruce’s Animal Hospital because I have always had a passion for animals. When I was a little girl, I would watch Animal Planet and dreamed of helping animals.

Working with Dr. Bruce and his team, I have gained so much experience and continue to learn more each day.


Hi I am Priscilla and I am a Kennel Technician here at Dr. Bruce’s Animal Hospital.

I am originally from New Jersey but Florida has been my home for the last 9 years. I live with my father, step-mother and two little brothers age nine and four.

We live with a lot of pets too. Fifi our 11-year-old Yorkie, Coco and Bubba our Frenchie puppies and Bucky our pet rabbit that I rescued because she was lost and wondering the streets.

I have always loved animals and enjoy caring or them so they canl live the best life possible. I am also a huge biolgy nerd, that is why chose a career in animal health services.

Working at Dr. Bruce’s Animal Hospital is great because I love working with the cats and dogs and gaining hands on experience that can’t be found anywhere else. I love learning about the different procedures and treatment plans.